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Susan Cay–

Psychic Medium / Astrologer / Reiki Energy Healer 

Although Susan had been aware of her psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities since childhood, these gifts had lain mostly dormant until 2006, when Susan had a spiritual awakening. Since then, she has become re-acquainted with these abilities and has studied with many teachers to help open to these gifts.  During this time, she has been an active and enthusiastic student of many healing modalities. She has earned her Reiki Master certification in both the Usui Ryoho and Blue Star Celestial Healing traditions. She is a certified medium and a certified Angelic Essence healer.  Susan has studied Astrology for many years with a number of gifted teachers and mentors. Susan’s readings may include guidance from divination tools such as Tarot, Lenormand and oracle cards, as well as Numerology. Susan also communicates with pets, both living and in spirit, and can help with behavioral issues.  


Susan lives in Vermont with her two children and their dog.



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